Repairs & upgrades

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Get our latest prices for a range of hardware components.
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No matter how much you look after your PC or laptop, eventually something will go wrong. Usually just after the warranty has expired. We have experienced technicians and engineers to solve your problem either onsite at your business, home address or at our premises in Lanark.

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PC Healthcheck

If you PC or laptop is running slow there can be a whole variety of causes. Here at Sabre we will give your machine a full check and advise you of any problems and how they can be rectified.

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Hardware & Software Upgrades/ Replacements

Over time your PC gets cluttered and fills up, just like the rooms in your house! Eventually there comes a time when you make a decision to either add an extension or move onto something newer. Before you decide that you need to replace your PC, let us advise you on upgrade options available.

Spyware & Virus  removal

Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your PC is behaving strangely? Malicious software could be the cause and may be in the form of a virus, adware or spyware. Many users are not aware of the differences between them - the mere fact that they can wreak havoc on your system and result in anything from poor performance to a complete computer failure is enough to know they need to be avoided! We can provide a complete removal service and then advise you on the best protection.

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Laptop Repairs

Sabre are specialists in laptop repair, from a power connector fix to a replacement screen or casing. We never offer a fixed laptop repair cost as all faults are different! We will give you a quotation based on the fault before undertaking any notebook or laptop repair.
 *A small inspection charge is payable should you not go ahead with repair costs quoted.

DATA BACKUP & RECOVERY INFORMATION - (click for more info)

Please be aware that while Sabre Systems will take every care to backup and restore customer data where required, we do not accept responsibility for any loss of data that occurs whilst working on customers machines.

We recommend that all customers backup any data required prior to bringing their machine in for repair.

In the event of a hard disk failure during a backup, Sabre Systems will take all steps necessary to attempt to recover the data.
PLEASE NOTE: This in no way guarantees successful recovery.